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Our bet is on an exceptional welcoming. We support the design of raids/ routes and possible logistical support.


Is considered a reference point for those who visit us and is already referenced by Google Maps: http://goo.gl/TBtjI4


We make the selection of space for all activities run as desired and without logistical problems


When you make your reservation, you are accompanied so that your activity is developed in the best way!

Find here your awesome activity!

Adventure sports

We have the support of Sportnatura for radical sports by request budget.
We have over 10 activities of Land, 10 Air and 10 Water.

Geocaching and Routes

We have a page prepared to practice Raids and Geocaching. You can select the online routes, get help in place for your activity and gain access to the local curiosities.
Go and see geocaching!

Space and Villages

The camp of Quinta Fonte Frade is housed in historic villages of granite and schist of Serra do Caramulo. Here you find hospitality people from Celts and Romans.

Unforgettable moments

Come and live your best time! Here you will find the real sense of adventure!

Moments Fonte Frade !