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Chapel route

The legends, word of mouth, go through generations, we talk about one of them. It is said that, Plácido Francisco, the Hermit, a man who went to Rome to get the Pope authorize to marry his cousin. It was a difficult journey, in which the hermit almost perished at sea. He was saved by ...

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Raid to Caramulinho

Night raid, 3 hours footpath, arriving in 30 minutes before dawn to see the sun rise in Caramulinho overlooking the sea. 2:30 a.m. return path with a distance of 12,5km to your destination. Always in streets without traffic with a short stop to eat warm bread fresh from the oven in Teixo.

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Celtics and Romans

The Anta of Paranho de Arca was erected by a Moorish and slab horizontally on top of pillars erected by that Moorish, bringing in the head, spinning on a wheel and a son in her arms. People say that the Moorish appears every year on the morning of S. João to spin it on the Anta and surrounded by...

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Raid Geocaching 4

Although long distance the difficulty is moderate. We start in São João do Monte which is located in the extreme west of Tondela municipality in the district of Viseu, the Beira Alta region. Located in the Caramulo mountains, the seat of the parish is distant from the county seat about 30 kilometers.

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Monte Couruche

S. João do Monte dates back to distant periods of human history, long before the arrival of the Romans to Portugal. The archaeological remains are there to prove it effectively, which fell large blocks. One of these blocks seems to be a milky quartz vein near a deposit of large granite blocks.

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Pedra dos Cravos

The case of the Dolmen of Belazaima, situated half-side of a steep hill and that, after all, will not have been more than a shelter for shepherds. Chronology of Neo-Chalcolithic, was built with the use of granite outcrop that is, over which fell large blocks.

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