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Celtics and Romans
15.8 km

Distance 15.8 km
Time Raid of one day
Degree of difficulty Average


The Anta of Paranho de Arca was erected by a Moorish and slab horizontally on top of pillars erected by that Moorish, bringing in the head, spinning on a wheel and a son in her arms. People say that the Moorish appears every year on the morning of S. João to spin it on the Anta and surrounded by gold objects. The mortal who go there first will be asked which he prefer: if the eyes of the Moorish or the golden objects that she has there. As all have said that they like gold, they have always turned to ashes because of the magical powers of the Moorish. They can only get the gold when they choose the eyes instead of the gold. It also specified that below said Anta there are objects in gold and gold that this will be achieved with the recitation of the book of St. Cyprian. A few dozen years have passed, after 3 or 4 subjects were there at midnight with a rudimentary lights, to effect on-site due reads the book of St. Cyprian, to withdraw the gold. It is said that as soon as the first readings, had risen so windy they all fled in fear every man to his side towards their homes.
The route has as a special goal to get to this place without first passing through the village Celtic of Valdasna where you can see the tombs excavated in the rock.
Um pouco antes tínhamos passado na vila histórica de S. João do Monte onde imperam várias pontes Romanas.