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Pedra dos Cravos
6.3 km

Distance 6.3 km
Time Half day route
Degree of difficulty Average


The case of the Dolmen of Belazaima, situated half-side of a steep hill and that, after all, will not have been more than a shelter for shepherds. Chronology of Neo-Chalcolithic, was built with the use of granite outcrop that is, over which fell large blocks. One of these blocks seems to be a cover of a dolmen. It is in the zoological confluence of the following for setting the hillside until the Pedra dos Cravos. Legend says that the water contained throughout the year in the rock shelter had healing powers. Thus, in ancient times was visited by people suffering from blackheads and other unwanted bumps. Then this water was causing these evils disappear. Mrs. of Deliverance is also included in this route. It tells the story of a man around the years of 1830-1850, after excommunicated for misdeeds, was forbidden to attend church. Later he falls in love, and to be able to marry, goes to Rome to speak to the Pope and break free of excommunication. On the return trip is involved in a violent storm and, in time of distress promises to build a chapel to Mrs. Of Deliverance in Caramulo Serra site where you could see the sea. However his beloved died and Mr. isolates with disgust on the hill, the site of the chapel that he built however, becoming known as the Hermit of S. João do Monte. This story passed from parents to children and gave rise to a religious festival that takes place every year on 7 and 8 September. Since then, between festivals, pilgrimages and promises, is a much visited and great respect religious site.