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Chapel route
10.2 km

Distance 10.2 km
Time Route of one day
Degree of difficulty Average


The legends, word of mouth, go through generations, we talk about one of them. It is said that, Plácido Francisco, the Hermit, a man who went to Rome to get the Pope authorize to marry his cousin. It was a difficult journey, in which the hermit almost perished at sea. He was saved by Mrs. of Deliverance, who appealed in time of distress. He promised that if he were saved, would build a chapel in her honor at the highest place he could. Landed safely, but when he returned home, his beloved had died. Still, kept his promise and built a chapel on the hill, overlooking the place of Belazeima, where you can admire the waters off the coast of Aveiro. There was, in a house attached to live to the end of his days. As a Hermit.
This will be the last of our Chapel script after leaving behind the Church of S. João do Monte, which connects to the Chapel of Abóbada through a Via Sacra with stone cruises to represent each Christ of Calvary Station.