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Forest Reserve of Gândara
Paranho de Arca through Scout center Quinta da Fonte Frade

What do we have in Paranho?

  • Showers
  • WC's
  • Various sub-fields Survival
  • Forest area ≈ 9ha
  • Wards to cantonment
  • Potable water
  • Light
  • Wood to constructions in countryside
  • Area for activities
  • Area for fire
  • Area for pray
  • Area for wash the dishes
  • Picnic area with a lagoon 400m away
  • River beach 2.5Km away
  • Butcher's shop, grocery store, pharmacy 2.5Km away
  • Bakery of Paranho

The law decree of 16 June 1910, decrees Anta's Ark as a National Monument.

The first megalithic constructions, of western Europe, are located in Portugal, and date back to the VI millennium before our era.

Consists of three blocks in an inclined position (pillars) and one of them broken, where lays a large stone inclined to cover the dolmen.

However, on closer observation, we can say that those pillars were placed to give us an indication of sunrise and sunset in summer and winter equinoxes on site.

Paranho de Arca appears as village posterior the Arca.

Then we can say that we are in the territory of prehistory.

Adjacent to the monument comes a Iberian oak space and other species which often are made Scout camps. Due to the preservation of nature they are only permitted with proper authorization.

At the top of the forest, is the building where it was Fire Station. Here, and also duly authorized, are made Scout cantonments or support to camp.

The Scout Centre Quinta da Fonte Frade and the Board of Paranho/Varzielas, has been promoting this space to ensure the scouting in the area, and the preservation of nature with proper management of available resources.