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Know more about Geocaching!

What is Geocaching?

Geocaching is finding a "geocache" (box or simply "cache") placed outdoors, but hidden, which involves the use of a pedestrian GPS receiver ("Global Positioning System") or smartphone application in order to find the well defined points with coordinates anywhere on the world.

A typical cache is a small box (or tupperware), closed and waterproof, which contains a log book, and some objects such as pens, pencils to, insignia or small items to trade.

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The contents of a traditional cache is a block of records, pen or pencil and small treasures inside a waterproof container suitable for the purpose intended, all within a waterproof bag, which records the coordinates WGS84 (latitude and longitude) of the cache. All this information about the location of the cache, is published on the Internet.

Geocachers, discoverers, collect this information, and with GPS receivers, look for caches. The discovery is recorded on the same page.

The Geocachers can place or remove objects from the cache, but in exchange for things of little value, so always ensure any recall.


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Some caches contain the "travel bug" or "Geocoins" - moving objects, ranging from cache in cache, and registered online.

Some variations of caches:

You can also find Micro-cache, most common are 35mm photographic film boxes or small boxes where almost only fits the logbook.

There are also the Cache-mystery that require the geocache solve a puzzle previously to find it.

There is also Multi-cache that requires a search of one or more intermediate points to determine the coordinates of the cache.

Virtual Cache is a place to visit no hidden boxes, but it must have something special or important to see. The visit will have to be proved by the local registration to confirm their presence on site.

The cache-event is the appointment of a gathering of geocachers.