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Know more about the legends of Caramulo

The legend of kind Cid Alahum's Castle

In Caramulo is Mount - Lafão. Among the heads runs the road Moorish and there is a rock which, according to legend, was brought in the head by an enchanted Moura. In bollards is the hermitage Lady of the Castle and the hill opposite we can find further remains of an ancient building said to have been an impregnable castle where lived a brave Moorish king...

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The devil from Alfusqueiro river

In times long gone, here lived a very rich man and had lands on both banks of the river near the Alfusqueiro river, in caramulo. Being also very stingy, never had bothered to demand to build a bridge. And so, whenever we wanted to go to its properties across the river, was obliged to seek a ford. On one night a violent storm knocked on his door a black dress visitor, asking her lair. The rich man let him in, gave him dinner and bed as the visitor acceded talked while they ate...

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Plácido Francisco, the Hermit, was born in the place of Benfeitas, parish Destriz, the current municipality Oliveira de Frades, way back in 1695. It was the most rebellious of brothers and so his mother had many concerns. Placido, was an excellent rider and his beautiful horse ran great distances. Wander around hills and valleys and these trips, often went to the house of his uncles, who lived in the place de Carvalho, Apple parish of Alcoba. In one of these trips, he and a friend out, committed a big mistake...

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