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Stores, Restaurants and Bakeries
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Traditional Market

In the village of S. João do Monte, you can find all the regional market grocery store, mini market and butchers.
Local Pharmacy is also open on weekdays from 9 am to 7 pm, and closes during the lunch hour.
On weekends is open on Sundays from 9 am until 1 pm.

  • Grocery Store
  • Minimarket
  • Butcher's shop
  • Pharmacy


Within a radius of 6 km, there are 7 restaurants, Paranho da Arca, the closest, Daires, Teixo, Bezerreira, Alcofra, and another in Macieira de Alcoba, working to Friday Week purposes to Sunday.

  • Paranho de Arca
  • Daires
  • Teixo
  • Bezerreira
  • Alcofra
  • Macieira de Alcoba


The field is supplied by two bakeries one in Paranho de Arca and the other in Teixo.

  • Paranho de Arca
  • Teixo


In addition to the routes of the field with varying degrees of difficulty, there are two major routes that are advised:

  • PR4 Macieira de Alcoba
  • PR3 Rout of Caleiros in Caramulinho

Zones to visit

  • Coruche hill with the Moorish legend.
  • Mrs. of Deliverance with the love story with the Hermit.
  • S. João do Monte, historic village
  • Valdasna and the Celtic village.
  • Paranho de Arca with a megalithic monument.
  • Oak forest from Arca.
  • Wind Park in Caramulo.
  • Snow hill and Caramulinho.
  • Urgueira with the ommunity oven.
  • Macieira de Alcoba with Alcôbar hill and its water mills.
  • Monte river tributary of the Águeda river with the beach of Paradise.
  • Albufeira de Belazeima with the old watering gutters in activity.
  • Wood of S. João do Monte for picnics and rest.
  • Car museum and art of Caramulo.