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The Quinta Fonte Frade was born in 2007, with the concern to satisfy all types of Scout activities, including treks and camps.

In early 2007, due to structural needs and ambition of all employees, the Quinta Fonte Frade open doors only to FNA (Fraternidade Nuno Álvares) in order to bring Scouting to these remote places of the Serra do Caramulo.

The investment in environmental projects of recycling of materials, and preservation of nature was put in first place. The utilization of Scout methods is clearly visible monitoring Scouts, which are the key features that define the field of philosophy, and reflect its objectives since 2009.

In 2014, comes up the ambition to create a new space, of camping/cantonment in Paranho de Arca.

Knowing the most diverse area of pedestrian paths, and all kinds of Geocaching caches, we're embracing a new era of support for everyone who visits us.

Mission and Values

The Quinta Fonte Frade undertakes to contribute to the development and growth of young people at Scout level, increasing the ability of accommodation through the development of spaces, and support for sports solutions. Aims to become a recognized space, constituting a strong reference in the implementation of best solutions in this area.

We assume as fundamental values for the success of our space, and our visitors, technical and practical knowledge to various activity levels, competence and professional ambition, which ensures the development of projects with high quality standards, result of an intense and rigorous teamwork, always in synergy with our visitors.